compimg 0.2.2

  • Fixed documentation for similarity module (docs for metrics would not appear)
  • Python 3.8 officially supported (checking added to CI)
  • Improve codebase by introducing black for formatting
  • Added simple benchmarking so differences can be measured when changes to existing code are made

compimg 0.2.1

  • Improved performance of SSIM and GSSIM.
  • Now using scipy to perform convolutions. Due to that now compimg is dependent on scipy.
  • Fixed issue where _internals package could not be found.

compimg 0.2.0

  • Added GSSIM metric
  • Added RMSE metric
  • Added `MAE’ metric
  • Added compimg.pads module which provides easy way to apply padding to an image (used in *SSIM implementations)
  • Addedcompimg.kernels module which makes possible applying kernel to an image (used within *SSIM implementations)
  • More and better exceptions
  • Moved compimg.similarity.intermediate_type to compimg.config.intermediate_dtype
  • Fixed SSIM metric (now implementation follows steps from the one provided by authors)

compimg 0.1.1

This release fixes some small documentation errors, readme typos and adds some badges to the README file. There are no actual code changes.